Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace And Petit H Products

Hermes Horn Necklace
Hermès, a super exclusive brand from Paris, France has always been focused on innovation in the company so no wonder all products including selling original Hermes horn necklace always loved by fans.

This has also resulted and made Hermès find a new way to grow their brand and to expand their influence in the ultra-luxury segment. A very relevant example is their new project entitled “Petit H”.

The word immediately gave the connotation of the “mini” version of Hermès products, but in reality, it was something completely different. The product was not a mini product from Hermes products that had ever existed.

Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace And Petit H Campaigns

Hermès Petit H is a company effort to encourage “luxurious recycling” of raw materials which are the remainder of the products that have been produced by this Hermès brand company. This project is now taken as a new product category in Hermes, also referred to as the new “atelier”. The remnants of the manufacturing process are now being made into unique and ultra-luxury products under the Hermès Petit H. collection.

Of course, this project is very concerned about the environment and seeks to protect the earth from many unused finishes from their fashion waste.

Necklace Products made through the Petit H initiative have been echoed throughout the world and prepared for temporary sales in various stores. For example, all Petit H products are also limited and not available in all branches of Hermes throughout the world.

In 2015, Hermès announced that they would focus on exploration and reflect on this experience in the brand. Hermes opened the Wanderland exhibition which took place in London after the exhibition moved to Paris, Turin, and China. The theme of this exhibition is flânerie, which is defined as wandering exclusively on city streets and absorbing the details of everyday life.

This exhibition held in a large place and has several floors with each unique themed room containing products from the archive of Hermès’s collection that was created before. Hermès has a very large, growing service category that works to meet the special demands of very wealthy individuals.

Basically, this shipment revolves around a special request to create objects from the initial process from existing Hermès collections. This is an ingenious strategy to expand brand visibility and influence in the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Selling Original Horn Necklace And Collaborations

Another very strong and distinctive element of the Hermès brand strategy is the concept of collaboration. In the continuation of the strategy adopted by the first generation of the founding family, Hermes regularly invites artists carefully selected by Hermes senior director.

The artists are tasked with designing iconic products in the company’s portfolio. Collaboration for the iconic scarf is under the name Hermes Editeur, which in simple words stands for a special edition from the hijab of Hermès. This collaboration is not limited to scarves but also occurs in other product categories in the portfolio.

The overall structure and position of the product portfolio under the Hermes brand name is a classic branding strategy.

The only product that can be considered independent without the support of the Hermes name is the eponymous Birkin bag. The main strategic element of the Hermès brand strategy is maintaining the aura of exclusivity and scarcity.

This is the hallmark of the Hermes brand including the accessories products that selling original Hermes horn necklace as well.