Horn Necklace and Why jewelry is Categorized As Luxurious

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Jewelry such as horn necklace that looks more exotic is often categorized for rich people. The more unique and exclusive the material and style, the higher the value in the eyes of people.

Horn Necklace is a Gift for Special Person

1. Shows status
Jewelry has been used to indicate status. In ancient Rome, for example, only certain ranks could use rings. If the rank is lower, it is not permissible to wear rings.

Then, the Law on luxury goods determines who can use certain types of jewelry and all are based on rank. Because of the personal nature and indication of her social class, some cultures from certain countries have built traditions to bury the dead with their jewelry. According to them, that is the status and those who leave the world must bring jewelry that shows their status when they die.

2. Functional Use
Many jewelries such as brooches, pin buckles, and clips are mostly from purely functional items such as carrying clothes together or keeping hair in place. However, they later evolved into decorative items because of their reduced functional requirements.

Jewelry is an amazing gift idea because it reveals a lot of your emotions. Almost no woman can deny the charm of jewelry that is very attractive. So, beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry purchased from the most trustworthy sources can fulfill women’s desires and can make them smile.

3. As a Protection
Wearing charms and medallions to protect or ward off evil is common in some cultures. These can be symbols, stones, plants, animals, or body parts like the Khamsa form.

4. In order to look artistic
Jewelry is used by early humans to decorate almost every part of the human body. Even so, the artistic appearance has clearly become a function of jewelry from the start, besides functioning to make it look more beautiful.

5. Body Modification
Jewelry used in body modification is usually plain. Women in Myanmar place large gold rings around their necks. Since the age of five, girls are introduced to their first horn necklace ring. Over the years, more and more rings were added around their necklace. A woman will also wear the same number of rings on her calves.

To a certain extent, some modified horn necklace like this can reach 10-15 inches in length. For tourists who want to know the tribe associated with a ring system like this can come to Myanmar directly.

There are also tribes who use jewelry to stretch their ears or enlarge their ear piercing. Lip plates are worn by Africans Mursi and Sara, as well as several people in South America.

6. As a currency and a means of storing wealth
In certain cultures, they have the habit of storing large amounts of wealth in the form of jewelry. Many cultures move dowry in the form of jewelry or make jewelry as a means to save wealth. Jewelry is often expensive and can be sold at any time if there is an urgent need for money. In this way, jewelry functions as reliable insurance.

The Function of Horn Necklace

Speaking of the importance of jewelry in a woman’s life, it is seen because jewelry is related in various phases of life such as at birth, in old age, in marriage, being a mother, and so on. Thus, don’t forget that jewelry such as horn necklace is good for any occasion includes for wedding gifts.