Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry VS Edward Era

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry
Water buffalo horn jewelry should be discussed from the history of their origins, namely after the Victorian era and moved into the Edward Era. This time will be discussed about the history of accessories in the Edward Era.

If we discuss the change, maybe the only thing that is static in the fashion world is something that changes is change itself. History proves that fashion always reflects the tastes of rich people, elites and nobles.

With every change in the rules of a king, there are always a number of changes in fashion. After the arrival of King Edward VII to the British throne, the Victorian era mode changed and a new trend known as Edwardian Mode emerged.

The Edwardian era brought new life to the world of fashion in England. Victorian fashion is more formal in dressing with a design that is darker and more complex. However, the fashion of the Edwardian era brought fresh ideology into the world of fashion.

Water Buffalo Horn Jewelry Inspired by Edward’s Era

In the Edwardian era, the fashion world began to diminish its preference for dark colors and the introduction of brighter colors. Either clothes or wallpaper all colored with bright colors. The introduction of flower patterns is another unique addition to the Edwardian Era.

Women’s fashion is seen from the introduction of wearing long sleeves. The heavy Victorian era corsets have been modified into Edwardian era health corsets. Dresses, tight skirts, and jackets are a new trend that is raised. The hips become curved and the chest is fuller with the introduction of the shape of the pigeon breast.

A bulging corset, narrow waist and looks tilted from back to front are the latest favorites. The shape of a woman’s dress is rather like a men’s shirt with a high collar that is a uniform for working women.

Belts and hats began to appear in the era of Edwardian dresses. Long skirts to ankles were introduced in the last part of the Edwardian era and were an all-time favorite among women.

In choosing a suit, people in the Edwardian era had three types of suits that consisted of raincoats with waistcoats and trousers in contrasting color combinations. The vest is higher in the chest and the trousers look shorter and are often accompanied by cuffs.

In winter they wear a coat along the knee or calf. Ties look narrower and bow ties are preferred for formal wear. Children’s dresses in this period are almost similar to women’s dresses and adult men.

Buffalo Horn Jewelry Inspired by the Edwardian Model

In Edward’s era, umbrellas were used to protect from the sun, made for the first time in the East Indies. That means about five thousand years ago. Around 100 BC, parasols or umbrella modes spread to Rome and also to Greece.

The umbrella model was introduced to Europe long before that, namely in the 1500s. This happened after the rise of Italy. These protective umbrellas are very popular in France.

The umbrella is part of the style as their accessories. These umbrellas are as important to women as they are to their dresses. Therefore, you can imagine how women are aware of the umbrella.

Edwardian moments are a time of sophistication. King Edward who began to rule England from 1901 to 1910 was a very sophisticated human being. Many important things are given to art, fashion, and beautiful things. Upscale men and British women become very fashion conscious. Small umbrellas are very important accessories that women carry anywhere Jewelry .

Some beautiful umbrellas are designed during the Edwardian period. A woman carrying an umbrella means she is an upper class. She’s a perfect, polite, and decent woman. She did not have to work hard to live, unlike some ordinary people at that time. A woman always carries each umbrella that matches the dress she is wearing. They look beautiful when the tiny umbrella completes the look beautifully.

The tiny parasol or umbrella is not just a fashion accessory. The umbrella is also used to protect women from the sun’s heat. Edward’s society is very concerned with beauty. Bright and perfect skin is an obsession with that era.

This is why water buffalo horn jewelry is also inspired by Edward’s fashion history.